Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB karate chop in front of you,then leave behind an egg that explodes upon contact. Chop = 200

Egg = 300

1 second
E throw 3 eggs that hatch into chicken turrets. 100 a bullet 5 seconds.
R stick an egg to a plunger,then throw it at the enemy. sticks onto the enemy dealing DoT + slowing 500 on first contact,50 per second for DoT 3 seconds
F turn into true Captain Eggo! and become a human turret. you can only use LMB to fire lasers out of your eyes. you also get buff and hover,and get x10 HP until its over. 600 a laser. 7 seconds.
T say egg egg 10 seconds


not a joke character,I swear. (just the shop page is)

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