Cannonical Majorman is a member of the nuke squad. He and Polonium are the main strategists.


Canonical has very strange clothing due to him being minimum wage, With an EGG-9000 with the eyeball replaced with a Cannon.


Canonical is an intelligent yet non serious person who will only use his intelligence in an actual dangerous battle, Or when planning out, His Head is known to be a powerful piece of technology, which allows him to forsee things that will happen in 10 hours, But only once every week.


Attack Name Description Attack Cooldown
LMB Cannon-Beam Canonical Majorman will fire a cannon from his head, Upon impact with anything collideable, it will explode dealing 100 damage, It will then fire a beam from the explosion that will aim after the enemy, Which deals 50 damage. 100 (Cannonball)

50 (laserbeam)

150 total

2 seconds
E Packing up for home All nearby fighters will gain a ring of beams that surround them, Dealing melee damage to enemies that touch it with small knockback. 50 damage per hit 8 seconds
R Napoleon Cannon Fire a cluster shot which upon impact, Deals 250 damage and Fires smaller cannonballs that deal 50 damage, There are 5 cannonballs that scatter randomly. 250 (Cannonball)

50 (smol cannonballs)

12 Seconds
F Scouting for danger Canonical majorman removes his head from his body, Which he then places down, Which will shoot cannons at nearby enemies, The max range is 40 studs, Each cannonball having a small explosion which deals 175 damage. 175 30 seconds


Increase the amount of cannonballs in Canonical's R.

Increase Cannonball Damage (not the lasers obviously)

Increase Health and speed a little bit.


Canonical Majorman was a robotic specimen that escaped from a lab that was powered by his head, Which was weakening the power of it, Along running and hiding from the government, He came across a man in a hood, Which his name was Distinguished rogue, Upon seeing him, He was like "Hello there, Power source. I see that you have been hiding from something, Do you desire shelter from them?" Canonical agreed, Anything was better then this. But the distinguished rogue actually just whacked him on the head and broke his eyeglass so it was replaced with a cannon, THEN he was in the nuke squad.