Canon Head is a joke character made by Falltz. He is based off of Falltz's Normal outfit.


Canon Head's head is a legit just a bloody cannon. He wears a Russian track suit which he likes to show off a lot cuz hes gay and shit lol and he hold a stupid empty soda can for some weird reason prob is a fag who needs to be zapped


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fire! Fires a cannonball out of his dumb head which explodes on contact 95 0.2 seconds
E You bloody idiot Trips and explodes 500 Once Per life
R Now that's just showing off! Shoots 3 cannonballs at once 95x3 (IF ALL HIT) 1.8 Seconds
F oh shit nigga what are you doing shoots out a fucking nuke 9000 3 minutes


Canon head was once a normal man, always going out to meet his friends, doing his job, and all kinds of normal human bullshit. Until one day... He was walking down the street going home after a job. Where he was approached by a man in a black and green mask, He called himself Distinguished Rogue, He came up to canon and asked him if he wanted to join his cool gang! he thought about it for a bit (lol) and then said yeah to him. They then walked into the alleyway and there distinguished rogue knocked canon head out!!! then he woke up, he felt weird as if there was something on his head. "Hello there, what ever you name was. You're going to be our experiment rat for now until you can't move or respond to commands anymore..." said a unknown man standing next to distinguished. he yelled out at distinguished "LOL HI DISTINGUISHED!!" just for him to run out the room at super sonic speeds. looks like he was a big noob and soiled his diaper lol XD. then i lost my vision for like 3 hours or something and woke up later. they had put something on my head that made me look kind of stupid they put a CANON!!!!!!! so he got pretty mad and yelled at the mr scientist man "bro wtf did you do to me i look like a noob" the man looked at me shocked "WHAT?!" i then went silent and died lol. They then gave me a badge and said i was the new leader of nuke squad. i don't know what that is but I'm the leader!!!


  • Canon is Mentally retarded.
  • Canon forcefully joined nuke squad.
  • Canon is completely based on how Falltz imagines how his outfit would talk.
  • It has been confirmed by Falltz that Canon Head has an immense hidden power capable of destroying the entire Earth.