I might buy this OC in depending on what happens, so dont do the challenge unless I've confirmed I'm going to buy the OC in.


Broken AC (Siamese) is a depressed guy. He always sighs, acts annoyed, and most of the time is pretty quiet. He hates crowds, and he's very insecure on the way he looks.

Why you may ask?

Well when he was in his "phase" he stained on his head two Xs and a blank mouth, he really regret it since it was pretty edgy, and if you don't know what stain is, it's paint but you get it out once it's dry.


I mean he was a normal intern, nothing special really.


the day...

The day he changed forever..

When he wasn't thinking, he

ruined his face..

and stained with black stain...

giving him..

a emo face he wish he never added.


Key Name DMG CD Info
Left Click Teleporting Rush 50 per fist 35 The user will start doing a rush attack, as the punches will attack the boss through small portals.
Right Click Devil's star N/A 30 The user will place a star shape drawling on the ground. This star can be placed twice before it needs a cooldown, and anyone/anything that goes over the star, will be transported to the other. It disappears after the user is dead or until the next act.
E Tunnel To Heaven N/A 40 The user can summon a 10 block long white tunnel. Wherever the mouse is aimed, the tunnel will go in that direction.
R Disgusting Actions at low priced N/A 1 minute. The user will be able to no clip for 40 seconds. This can be used with the user's right click to have the boss teleported out the map.
F How do I delete grumpo lumpo N/A 1 minute. Disables people from activating Grumpo Lumpo on sky island (It actually heals the user for 55 HP).


Shorter Cooldown

(15/15/15 - 10- Minus seconds.)

(50/50/50 - 15- Minus seconds.)

Higher Speed

(15/15/15 - 10+ Speed.)

(50/50/50 - 20+ Speed.)

More DPS

(15/15/15 - 15+ DPS.)

(50/50/50 20+ DPS.)

How To Get Siamese.

To get Siamese, you have to beat the game as Lucifer Caliber.

However you cant be in a server where other people are using other characters, so that means you have to solo or get more people to do this challenge in a private server.

The less people, the higher your max out of the character is.











(Note that unless I'm in the server with the people doing the challenge, I won't give you the character (unless you've made a video as proof, then I'll put you on the list).)

People who already get Siamese

  • BlueJake1 - 50/50/50 (Helping me make a tier list of characters for devil brawler.)
  • Dervous - 15/15/15 (Friend.)
  • Myself - 50/50/50 (Because I'm worth it.
  • Flare - 30/30/30 (Gave me the idea to make this OC and challenge by trying to teleport me out the map with Lucifer).
  • Kaden 222 - 150/150/150 (He's going buy in the OC when he can, god bless this man.)

Ban list:



  • Got the idea for this oc by using Lucifer trying to teleport Flare out.
  • This character is a complete gimmick, relying mostly on it's moves.
  • I might actually buy this OC in, it's a 50/50, depends on if I can get a buyer, or the current one gets his donations that are needed.
  • Broken AC's real name is Siamese, a inside joke on my name Siam.