Bray Albarn is an OC for Devil Beater, and is a member of the Nuke Squad.


Bray wears a red peacoat, with an undershirt of what looks like a goose. He also wears a cap, and shades.


Bray is the hard-hitter of the Nuke Squad. Usually calm when not disturbed, as he wants to go about his day in peace. He does not mind talking with the other members in the Nuke Squad. But when Bray is threatened, consider yourself dead.


Attack Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive You're not gonna get me down that easily. Bray builds up a shield which protects him from any form of de-buff (like stuns, slows, etc). Once he is hit by any form of de-buff when the shield is up, the shield will go away. It takes 10 seconds for the shield to get back up. N/A 10 Seconds
LMB Heavy Punch Throw a hard punch. 150 2 seconds
E Aerial Twist Kick Bray does an aerial twist flip, followed by a kick which makes a shockwave on the ground. 300 (On Contact)

200 (Shockwave)

6 seconds
R Knock Out / Stampede Bray takes charges a double arm thrust for 2 seconds. If an enemy comes in contact, they will be knocked on the ground.

If the ability landed, he may activate it a second time next to the enemy. Bray will stomp on the enemy 2 times, afterwards, he will uppercut the enemy which knocks them away.

150 (Double Arm Thrust)

100 (Per Stomp)

300 (Uppercut)

8 seconds
F I'll make sure you never walk again. Bray immobilizes himself for 2 seconds. He will then charge forward to grab an enemy. If he grabs the enemy, he will lift them up and break their back on his right knee. Landing this move will also heal him for a short amount.

In PVP, if Bray is under 30 HP, he will instantly kill the enemy no matter what they have (Including Forcefields).

600 (Back Break)

100 (Heal)

30 Seconds


  • Increase health.
  • Increase speed.
  • Decrease cooldowns drastically.


  • His first name is based on Bray Wyatt from WWE. His last name is also based on Damon Albarn, the lead singer of the band, Gorillaz.
  • Bray was alone for the majority of his life. But he stepped into the Nuke Squad as he couldn't stand being alone anymore.
  • The undershirt he wears is Mike's cargo from LISA: The Painful. His theme song is also related to Mike (Or by his other name, Satan).