• Hyper Nintendo


    February 20, 2018 by Hyper Nintendo

    So uh, You one day found a random thing, you touch it and uhh it turns into you

    Move key + name Move DMG Cooldown
    PAUNCH (LMB) Paunch, doing your account age (in days) The days of your acc 2 seconds
    box throw (E) Get a box outta nowhere and throw it at the enemy Days of your acc x 2 5 seconds
    Bombs? (R) Throw a bomb at the nearest enemy Pure 1000 20 seconds
    BUMPER KARZ (F) Your whole team gets bumper kars and whenever you hit a enemy it plays BUMPA KARS 100 (per ram) 60 seconds
    CUSTOM TAUNT! (T) enter a audio ID at the bottom right, that ID will be played 0 NONE

    None. (decrease cooldowns)

    You're. (decrease cooldowns)

    Perfect. (decrease cooldowns)

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  • Sakada99991

    June Eve

    February 6, 2018 by Sakada99991
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  • Hyper Nintendo

    What oc to NOT make

    January 14, 2018 by Hyper Nintendo

    not a joketheres enough Joke ocs already so i took it seriously anyways lets start this OC

    Uh so he has a necklace and sunglasses to hide his eyes he's actually not a cat but has play cat ears and a cat suit

    Usually Ureow takes things too seriously and generally doesn't laugh unless the joke is said by one of the noob gang or by One of Citrus's characters, he's also a massive furry causing people to make fun of him on the internet

    Key Atk (normal) Atk (keyblade) Dmg Cooldown
    (LMB) pulls out his gun and shoots the enemy with a homing bullet Slash your keyblade 100 6 rounds (10 second reload)

    (1 second keyblade)

    (E) Stays still for 10 seconds then fires a Laser beam from his mouth (like shoop da whoop) Fire 5 ice crystals and if one crystal lands…

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  • Hyper Nintendo


    January 11, 2018 by Hyper Nintendo

    Admisuno is the Second member of the Dancers alliance and Second in command also obviously auto removed from brawler because thats broken

    Admi is a friendly person who likes to fight if someone is acting suspicious, though he often loses without his teammates That is the icon----------------->

    Admi is another egg which has the admin eggs of 2016-2017 on and wears a Shirt of hatsune miku


    Key Move Health healed Cracking used Cooldown
    LMB Throw a healing egg 50 2% 0.2 seconds
    E Get a minigun and shoot lots of healing eggs 20 (per egg) 5% 2 seconds
    R get double healing eggs for 10 seconds just double eggs 10% 5 seconds
    F Go into the air and throw a huge healing egg meteor, healing massively FULL 100% 60 seconds
    Passive He has a bar …

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  • Hyper Nintendo

    Neon Noob

    January 11, 2018 by Hyper Nintendo

    Or just DankNoob is the 4th member of dancers, as the Helios Element

    Noob is a really obnoxious person who likes Going on adventures with his friends and Other noobs, he prefers noob gang over dancers due to the excessive memery but was forced to go primarily in Dancers due to them lacking a helios elemt

    Dank noob is basically what you see there ---------------->

    But sometimes he gets so obnoxious he turns fully neon

    Key MOVE dmg cooldown
    LMB Swing your Noob bat for tiny damage which slightly knocks back your opponent 2 studs 10 none
    RMB Swing a giant neon noob hammer which has a hitbox 50 studs away from you dealing massive damage 300 3 seconds
    E Charge up your hammer, the longer its held the more dmg it does and more knockback

    But having the ran…

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  • Hyper Nintendo


    January 11, 2018 by Hyper Nintendo

    "i have a gay pose and dont know what to do."

    Just 2 forms, the 2nd form is only used for the battle sprite not actually ever used outside of dialogue, unlike robo boy

    Ecnad is completely white due to being bathed in liquid aether every day, he has a white egg on his head and a shirt that says Thank. on the front

    Key Move DMG Cooldown
    LMB Throw a disco ball in the air, stunning the boss and also himself making them dance for 10 seconds 1 10 seconds
    E Throw a disco ball at a nearby player, Which creates a barrier which stops projectiles from entering but projectiles can exit the barrier, the barrier lasts for 5 seconds 1 heal every second 30 seconds
    R Throw a disco ball at every living thing, making all the disco balls light up and throw a compr…

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  • Nin Guy

    My List of Planned OC's

    December 30, 2017 by Nin Guy
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  • Itsbossthebeast123

    I will change this blog post a lot, so keep track!

    Well, you decided to know more info about this "storyboard" thing im making right now. So I want to do a fic or a storyboard for the Elemental Strikers adventures. I will be posting on Google Docs. It will include pictures and rated R stuff.


    Possibly. I don't know if this is going to get popular.

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  • Hyper Nintendo

    dreamer of memes blog

    December 17, 2017 by Hyper Nintendo

    Dreamer is memers POSSIBLE replacement in the shop when he's out of the shop

    0/0/0 movepool

    Moves Move Dmg Cooldown
    (LMB) Smol head! Throw a small head, pierces enemies 40 1 second
    (E) loominatreed Throw a illuminati with a small tree, that tree is now stuck where it hits until the user dies 69 (illuminati)

    lmao rip stage (tree)

    5 seconds
    (R) u w0t fire 5 shots from a smol pistol 10 dmg per bullet (pierces) 10 seconds
    (F)EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Literally throw 100 Bigger heads, they dont do any dmg and instead act like annoying un-anchored blocks, they dissapear after 5 seconds 0 30 seconds
    (T) Wow no ear dmg Fire radios, one for each player in the server, it plays whatever sound you want 0 Until you die
    50/50/50 Move pool

    move name Move dmg Coold…

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  • Hyper Nintendo

    no deleting this

    December 10, 2017 by Hyper Nintendo

    Lenir Is the what is a dancer

    Key Attack (gun) Sword Dmg Cooldown
    LMB Shoot a gun, it hurts right? Slash (everything has the same dmg and cooldown but its melee i guess) 100 1 second
    RMB Throw a gun, it bonks a head and does dmg i guess Throw a knife, headshots still do the same dmg, it stuns the opponent 200 3 seconds
    E Shoot a gun at some person, it heals for some reason throw a healing grenade, dealing AOE healing 50 (heal) obviously 0.25 seconds
    R say "ITS NERF OR ITS NOTHING" And throw nerf guns at everyone, granting them a new move for Z Throw portable knives at people, it unlocks a new attack for X which you can use close up, its still trash 25 dmg though 25 per bullet shot from these nerf guns none because obviously you have unlimited
    T …

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  • Calibrius

    if the members of the community are reading this, then let me tell you one thing:


    I won't be playing DB a lot (or maybe not at all) from now on, but I still want to do OC creations for the sake of practicing.

    ugh seriously cali


    anyways have a good day y'all.

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  • Calibrius

    Oh boy

    October 6, 2017 by Calibrius

    Look at all these terrible OCs that other people (including myself) have made.

    way too distracting and cringe


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  • Siam123485

    I Want To Die

    August 12, 2017 by Siam123485

    My ocs are shit

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  • This wiki hates me

    500 pages

    August 6, 2017 by This wiki hates me

    here's to 500 pages that mostly consist of a healthy blend of good, bad and terrifyingly terrible OCs

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  • KiriGoesLeft

    it's very easy,you send me a picture of your oc(s) and i'll draw them.

    status: woah hoe slow down

    all requests are drawn traditionally (hand-drawn)

    all requests will be posted in my deviantart

    all ocs are drawn separately

    1. i have the right to deny

    2. i can't draw

    • nsfw (no shit)
    • nudity (no shit x2)
    • animals,anthro
    • couples?? depends tbh
    • literally everything idfk

    3. up to 3 ocs as long they are yours

    4. if i find it difficult to draw, i'll ask you to pick a different oc or draw the next oc you give.

    5. if you send a request when they're closed, i may not get it so if i open them back up, please let me know.

    • sostice and v (done,sostice and v fyi i rushed on v)
    • cold steel (working on please dont kill me)
    • seoj and anzor (0% hasn't started)

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  • Flare Souless

    hello ;(

    July 26, 2017 by Flare Souless

    uhhhhh i just want to say hi i know ill get a bad comment or something oh boy its gonna be one of these days again um sorry

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  • Lopiy Ledonuts


    July 2, 2017 by Lopiy Ledonuts
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  • KiriGoesLeft

    please note: im not saying that anyones bad or good im just saying what i have wanted to say so maybe take this as a note if you want. i'm also sometimes going to state my opinion in this so please dont suddenly get mad at me if you see your mugshot or anything because it's just something ok im too lazy to make my own as refs : (

    so uh

    i've been seeing people do mugshots and some of em are wrong-ish and some of em are ok

    so i'll just make a basic quick thing with it

    so uhm

    there are mugshots that are have possibly the entire body (in which the legs aren't needed that much) an example is possibly like..

    this. this is not the best but could be improved in a way.

    a strategy i use is if possibly all body parts except the torso have been moved,then it…

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  • Daggyer

    this is bad

    June 14, 2017 by Daggyer

    devil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil beaterdevil…

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  • Daggyer

    haha yeah fuck y'all new rule xddfddd

    why am i even here i dont like this community aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    One day I was searching for good roblox games and I came a across a game named "Devil Beater". Curious, I played it and it was one of the worst games I have ever played. It had weird anime stuff, cringe-worthy dialogue, horribly scripted characters and bosses. I will never play Devil Beater for the rest of my life, I would not recommend it to anyone and the people that play it have lost all sanity.

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  • UltorisTenebrae

    Azentio Duello (Azentio Duelist):

    Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
    LMB X-Saber "Slash in an x pattern." 150 per slash. 0.5 Seconds
    E [X-Saber] Wave "Slash in three bursts, firing off crescent waves of FoF energy. Uses 30 Energy" 500 4 Seconds
    R [X-Saber] Warcry "Azentio will debuff a nearby enemy and buff the damage and speed of teammates while toggled, drains energy by 1 slowly." 35% DPS boost

    30% Speed boost 45% Damage and Speed debuff on enemy

    1 Second after toggle
    F [X-Saber] Gemini Cross "Rapid succession of slashes ending with a double-spin jump x-slash. Drains 100 energy." 1000 10 Seconds
    T Edgy Quotes "Gotta be something Sub-Zero related like, 'This fight will be your last.'" None None
    Passive Energy Bar "You have an energy bar with 200 energ…

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    oh no

    but seriously im quiting because most of the community is awful. Everyone fights with each other and i hate it. Though i have to give credit where credit is due, it did help me find some radical people and stuff. I mean i got Samson in DB so thats good and hopefully when i get enough funds im gonna put in Kaiden Domingo. I may check the game sometimes but mostly i quit. Im done. So uh yeah. 

    See you space cowboy........

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  • UncreativeName123


    May 8, 2017 by UncreativeName123

    Unc is an OC based off of UncreativeName123. (WIP)

    Unc has tannish skin while wearing a an beige argyle shirt with khakis. He happens to have a cup as his head. He is always seen to be holding a winter themed cup filled with hot chocolate with marshmallows.

    Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
    LMB Cup Of Enlightenment Unc drinks hot cocoa from his cup, helping him clear his mind and relax. Unc is healed for half of his max HP and all damage from Unc's next move is multiplied by 2. Cannot be stacked. N/A 15 seconds
    E Fujita 5 A white tornado forms at Unc's position sucking anyone near it into it for high damage for every second they are in the tornado as well as throwing them into the air. After a 5 seconds, the tornado begins to move randomly …

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  • EtaleoLeTrickster

    So recently, lots of people have been making 10 year versions of their existing char, and sometimes it doesn't make sense, so here's a list of the 10Y chars I've noticed and why or why not they would ever fit in canonically.

    10Y Avaxus: Doesn't appear on the wiki, but is canonically Dane Gang, which avoided the timelock.

    10Y Etaleo: Same reason as Avaxus.

    10Y Memer Dreamer: Likely wouldn't, since Memer was specifically a joke character and isn't really supposed to have an allegiance

    10Y Methunder: Same reason as Avaxus.

    10Y Grumpo: Depends. If Grumpo switched to the Dane Gang before the timelock, then it might be possible. But, if he stays in Xeiron, then it likely won't.

    10Y Edgelord: Same reason as Memer.

    10Y Chi no Senshi: Doesn't have a canon…

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  • Nin Guy

     Well I'm glad it's over

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  • Hyper Nintendo

    About the tabs

    April 20, 2017 by Hyper Nintendo

    So i see dual char tabs like in memers 0/0/0 and 50/50/50 icon, how do i do that?

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  • RifoMan

    squishe is the best person on the wiki.

    so good that he pulls on a victim card when people edited his ocs.

    in other words : stop supporting squishe

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  • Hoxoisntjiji

    Drama & Events

    April 16, 2017 by Hoxoisntjiji

    If you hate drama get the fuck out of here.

    Is this appropriate people? Hounding on someone for just making shitty ocs? No. It legit isn't. Everyone needs to stop. You've basically proven exactly why the people like us have horrid rep, for being total assholes and causing drama. Are we TRYING to make this as bad as the actual wikia? we legit need to stop.

    "What's your opinion then hoxo"

    I belive BOTH of the sides are in the wrong here, For basically just creating a mass shitstorm of bad arguements on "Why his ocs are good" or "Why his ocs are bad". It's annoying and i can't get around it. Please, Just stop it.

    And i know i sound like an idiot, but i'm not trying to take this seriously. I legit hate what we're doing here. Even then, what's the …

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  • Bloxicanian

    random wep requests

    April 15, 2017 by Bloxicanian

    ok u memes, since i finally got unblocked i'll be doing some random weapon requests for free!!! (woah so cool omg violent screeching). i don't build hata/auroboros quality weapons, but i'd considered my builds better than others. anyways if you want some examples of my builds ill post a picture of some of my builds :u


    post in the comments ur username on roblox so ik who exactly im building this for.

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  • Bloxicanian

    ambrus stuff

    April 15, 2017 by Bloxicanian
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  • Zultraalzul
    • youre not funny if all you have is estrada and jojokes.
    • god fucking damn it every last one is terminal cancer no matter where you look.
    • some arent erased from this planet because they actually have had work into it or i cant determine if i should or should not purge those.
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  • EtaleoLeTrickster

    there's this fucker going around impersonating me named "EtaleoCallidum"

    if ANYONE knows who this is.

    report it to me.


    Give me any form of contact I can.

    anyways, i am not this person

    tell me anything i can do to stop this person

    i know it might be like "oh i know who the real you is, it's kind of obvious"

    But what if someone falls for it? They might think it's actually me

    and they won't know that they will not be talking to me

    they could be saying all sorts of shit about others

    and i won't know about it


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  • Zultraalzul


    That you might want to actually get in the main game and have people awe over it.

    The solution is simple.

    Well it's sorta obvious since half of this wiki is absolute cringe to look at and i sorta wish that there would be some quality aside from like what.

    8, maybe less pages actually.

    First things first you wanna make sure your OC can meet most of the following criteria:

    • Is the name good and not some jack shit rip off of another character's name?
    • Is his/her abilities/weapon actually something that would interest you to have in game?
    • Does their actualy abilities corrolate to their abilities/weapon of choice?
    • Is their outfit something that people like and not give them the wanting to self multilate?
    • Is the icon that you/someone else made not ho…

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  • PaybackBe

    I need backup with this

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  • Hoxoisntjiji


    March 4, 2017 by Hoxoisntjiji

    For some odd reason me (Hoxo2034) and Coltdrum are making yellowchester together, And i'll just put things that have been established here.

    • Yellowchester will use a guitar sword rather then just a guitar/sword.
    • His E will be using music sheets that can be deployed, the maximum being 3 when un-upgraded, and when all are placed, when you press E again they'd detonate like small waves simular to winchester's r, But with the size of f.
    • His name will be Jazu Rocktune
    • He will use two movesets: Tuba (Defensive/Support) And Guitar Sword (Offense)
    • He MIGHT be bought into the game after purplechester, And even then that will take a ton of time.
    • Coltdrum and me came up with the moveset, and Ultimatesilver661 is working on the models.


    I know i don't kn…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    Go ahead and request, or not.

    • One request per person. (if i made a cap ton of OCs based on one person i would run out of ideas)
    • I won't make it exactly how you want it. (duh)
    • Editing the OC drastically ruins the whole point of this. (don't do it)
    • You can leave criticism but don't be a dick about it.
    • [Admins of the wiki only]: please revert any changes made by someone other than me. (if they add a catagory thats fine)
    • I need your roblox username so i can let people know who requested what.


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  • Newnathmcawesome

    Quick Question

    March 3, 2017 by Newnathmcawesome

    how to i make those images of the characters doing poses?

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  • Calibrius

    Teaser One

    February 28, 2017 by Calibrius

    "Heh, you'll be caught on sight..."

    "Because everyone knows it's Stephen Knight!"

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  • Doppledoppio

    about this entire wiki

    February 27, 2017 by Doppledoppio

    ok so until now i still have no friggin clue as to who made this fanon wiki but if you are reading this please comment, but i'm just here to say some things to you guys to try and keep this wiki into exploding into a warzone

    also no i am not an admin/mod on this wiki or on the devil beater wiki i am just a normal user 

    this should go without saying, nobody would like it if they spent like 2 hours of hard labor working on their page and then a few mins after they publish it someone changed their OCs name to "Billy Bluejeans the dick loving faggot"

    don't tamper with any of the pages on this page unless if it's your own page then feel free to do whatever you want on that, or unless if the owner of the character allowed you to add some informatio…

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  • Newnathmcawesome

    I'll put crap here

    February 24, 2017 by Newnathmcawesome

    filler text

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  • Calibrius


    February 24, 2017 by Calibrius

    So what categories should I add other than characters? I'm currently thinking of mine and others here...

    Leave a suggestion plz

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  • Calibrius

    Fan-Made Arc

    February 21, 2017 by Calibrius

    remake in progress

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  • Rainby


    February 18, 2017 by Rainby

    yknow thank god that i saved pelagius' moveset and shiet

    still mixes up his name

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  • Hoxo

    Test page

    February 17, 2017 by Hoxo


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  • Newnathmcawesome

    is this a back up wiki or what?

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  • Bloxicanian

    zippy mcstuffedcrotch

    February 17, 2017 by Bloxicanian
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  • Bloxicanian

    some shitty oc

    February 17, 2017 by Bloxicanian

    Vairaku Katoptrizo


    Passive: The more you get hit the more powerful your F will be or your R heal you more. Resets once you press R or F.

    LMB: Summons forcefields around you that last 5 seconds that have a 5 second cooldown

    E: Raise up your shields that reflect off the projectile and/or melee attack at double the speed and damage in the shape of a disk, and with a 15 hp lifesteal. Initial startup takes about half a second, actual deflecting timeframe lasts only a 1 second time frame though, and end lag is about 0.25 seconds. If done correctly, you take only ¼ of the original damage that was supposed to be taken. 1.5 second cooldown.

    R: Heal yourself and nearby teammates within a 5 stud radius depending on the amount of times you got hit.…

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  • TheGentlemaniac


    February 17, 2017 by TheGentlemaniac


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  • KiriGoesLeft

    ecks dee

    February 17, 2017 by KiriGoesLeft

    second bitches

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