Arashi Tempestate is an OC for the game, Devil Beater.


Arashi is an adolescent man who has dark crimson (or red brown?) hair with two messy spikes sticking out from the top, giving the impression of horns or ears. He wears grey shades and headphones that have devil horns on them. He wears the normal Agni suit.

(i swear this is the 4th redesign and he STILL looks like winchester im going to flip my SHIT)


yeah screw these tables

Attack Description Damage Cooldown


Arashi brings out his game controller imbued with a hella ton of Agni FoF. None Unknown
A Tutorial


Arashi sends out an arrow (Rhythm game arrow) and deals medium damage. 60 0.4 seconds
Leveling Up!


Arashi sends out a medium AoE wave that knocks back enemies a short distance, and gives members permanent 10% damage boost at a cost of 20% of your total health. 120

(to enemies)

~20% of your total health

(to yourself)

36 seconds
Next Round!


Surrounds himself with a large dome, and inside are red space invaders that damage any enemy inside it. They leave little red square dots as trails and they deal small damage. They randomly move inside the dome. 240

(To enemies hit by the space invaders)


(Just being in the dome)


(Getting hit by the trail)

28 seconds
Ready to Rage?

(F)[faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak dis]

Once pressed, the player has to press 5 random keys in rhythm and when all are done correctly, the ability activates. The ground at Arashi's feet pulsate rapidly with an AoE that deals high damage and knocks enemies up a bit. After that, a giant beam comes down at Arashi and deals high damage. 50

(When you don't properly activate the ability)

180 (The AoE)

360 (The beam)

43 seconds


  • During his ultimate, Arashi leaves behind arrows on the ground (Rhythm game arrows) like footprints.
  • He's 1/8th Kitsune. The reason why his hair is spiky is because he's covering tiny fox ears. His tail is tiny as hell and it perfectly fits into his pants like there's nothing there.
  • He is allergic to dogs.
  • The shades are actually glasses made to look like shades, because he "wanted them to look cool". He is farsighted.