Ali-A is the being that was created after Fortnite was released. Nowadays, lots of people play this game, including YouTubers, such as Ali-A.


Ali-A may change his clothes and headphones, but we can safely assume that he is wearing black-green headphones and a nice shirt and some beautiful pants.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Fortnite Ali-A will start playing Fortnite on his devices, instantly increasing his stats overtime and gaining him immense health and speed. 0 100
Cringe Ali-A will start doing the most cringy stuff related to Fortnite, which will kill almost anyone that witnesses it. 2.7x10^24 300


Ali-A is a desperate, not really, guy that will do anything for more views and YouTube subscribers. Beside that, he's a pretty nice guy if you get to know him.


  • He's the only character related to Fortnite and to a YouTuber, or is it?
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