10 Year Samson isn't much different from the normal Samson aside from wearing a different necklace, having a head band and having a mask under his paper bag.


When samson basically said, "screw this im out." he went to the mountains to rest and think about what to do next. When he went into a cave. Next thing he knew he was ambushed and was wounded fatally. After the ambush he was left to die in the cave. Though this would have been the end for some people Samson somehow survived the attack. When Samson survived he thought about his power. He thought about what would happen if he got ambushed again. So he decided to train. For 10 years he trained and trained until he was called back. Called back for what you may ask. Not even Samson knows. Usually he would decline this offer but he wanted to test out how strong he is so he decided to get out of the mountains.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Brawlin'

Samson does a 3 hit combo. First he punches then does a kick after that he finishes off with throwing a rope like pre-10 year Samson.

Punch and kick: 200

Rope: 450

3 Seconds

E Have a present! Samson Throws a rope with a hook attached to it. If it hits an enemy then it will attach to the enemy and drag that enemy away. 330 8 seconds
R BROTHERRRR Samson shoots a rope. If it hits an enemy he pulls the enemy towards him and suplexes said enemy. After he suplexes him he kicks the enemy away. During this Samson is invincible. Suplex: 600

Kick: 88

10 Seconds
F Dead man walks the earth. Samson targets an an enemy. The targeted enemy takes more damage from Samson. If an enemy is targeted he instead throws a rope. If he hits an enemy Samson throws him up in the air and SLAMS said enemy to deal massive damage. After slamming the enemy he hangs the enemy onto a brick. During the slam Samson is invincible. 40% more damage.

Slam: 1250

90 Seconds ( If you used slam.)

20 seconds (after only using debuff)

X 1 Shot, No kill,All luck,No skill Samson plays russian roulette with a Deagle.....................................OH WAIT (50/50/50 turns it into a double barrel shotgun.) sets your HP to 0 (if shot) 3 seconds
T Taunt Say pre-10 year samson quotes and some more. ¯\ (ツ) /¯ none


Pre-Fight : Afro Samurai - Groove 3

Fight Theme: Skullgirls Encore OST - Unfinished Business (Under the Bridge)

Post Fight Theme: Space Funeral - Taimaru


After 10 years Samson seems to have his mental state in check now. He seems much more calm and is a slow talker. Though he has his insanity under control he still can sometimes have bursts of insanity. When he has a burst of insanity he starts to get ticked off and he starts talking fast. He also hasn't stopped eating people. He's still somewhat suicidal.

Fantastical memers who will get this dude for free because they are fantastical memers

  • demaru because he waited for his free samson for far too long and giving me dragon boyo
  • 4keny4 same reason for demaru which is he waited for his samson for far too long
  • SirVenon for buying in Samson
  • ultimatesilver661 for being a cool kid
  • Kaiden10043 because hes a rad lad
  • saprasam for making me something (perhaps a card????)
  • some other people that i will not list because i dont want people to get saltier then the dead sea

>be me

>make a list for a character that will never be in the game



  • After everyone was making 10 year versions of themselves the creator just said "screw it im making 10 year samson"
  • 10 year samson actually has a mask under his paper bag. Due to that he sometimes takes off his paper bag now.
  • His mask looks like Garth's from Lisa the painful
  • you e
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